CohuHD Costar About

CohuHD Costar San DiegoCohuHD™ is a leading manufacturer of high-definition video surveillance camera systems designed for the performance requirements associated with critical infrastructure applications.

CohuHD solutions integrate the latest high-definition video imaging and compression technologies into our ruggedized camera products. CohuHD is a high-value, solutions provider for monitoring in the most critical, sensitive environments. We focus on providing the most reliable, rugged, outdoor PTZ cameras in the market.

For more than 70 years, we have manufactured in the U.S.A. the most reliable, rugged video cameras available.


• For the most wet, corrosive, polluted, & hot environments

IP and analog

• Integrate or migrate to IP


Streamlines integration

Highest powered optics

• Increases how far you can see, detection at up to 30 miles

Image enhancements

• See through smog & fog


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